Tuna Thief

We get these frozen tuna steaks, individually vacuum packed, at the supermarket; they’re not bad, a good size, and you can thaw one or more as needed. You can just put them in a bowl of cold water in the sink and they’ll thaw in a half hour or so.

So: partially frozen and vacuum sealed, and raw tuna doesn’t have much of a smell anyway. Done this many times before. This time, however, it attracted some attention:


Of course Meimei is completely fascinated with water to begin with, so it wasn’t that surprising…. but it wasn’t the water this time:


It was only a 4-5 ounce piece, but still a large package for a very small cat…. eventually we had success!


Thankfully she didn’t run and hide; although she did go and sit on a carpet with similar reds and pinks in it:


No, I didn’t wait to see what the next step was…. had to find a better hiding place to let it continue thawing, though.