Office Cat

When running an efficient office, make sure you always have at least one cat in stock, ready to go.

Cat Life

First there’s some king-of-the-castle battles – the chair next to my desk is apparently prime real estate:   Later there’s the mutual washing session, when they realize they can both fit on the chair:

Cat Ping Pong

Meimei has astounding paw-eye coordination, and can bounce a ball, or swat it in mid-air: So…. are cats left-pawed or right-pawed? I’ve seen her do this with both. She’s better at basketball than I am.

Meimei and litter

Whenever we refill the litter box, Meimei wants to skip the box completely and go right to the source: I suppose that’s relatively harmless; but we do have to be very careful whenever we open the box of rice, or she’ll jump right into that too.

Snow Day

No ride today…. pretty scenery, though. View over the back fence: The cows don’t look like they’re having much fun. Meimei is, though – trying to figure out what this white stuff is in the air.