I came home from a meeting today, and the cats weren’t at the door waiting; odd. Mei ran out, said hi, then ran to the back door…. and this guy was hiding out in the corner of the patio. Not sure what he is…. but he definately has pigeon toes.


So the cats were *also* interested in this much larger bird, sitting on the back fence…. waiting. I think the two birds were in the middle of a staring match; the hawk didn’t want to get closer to the house, and the other bird didn’t want to be eaten.


When I went out back to check things out, bird A took off, very closely pursued by bird B at high speed. From what I could see, they set up their staring match again, a few doors down the street.

Elsewhere: I went out and bought a cheap snow shovel about ten days ago. It hasn’t snowed since then. So for $10 I bought good weather for a while – nice.  No snow left in town, but there’s plenty out on the trails; there are still tourists around, just fewer of them. This is up in Arches National Park: