Thar be bears in those woods….. Taken by a friend up in the mountains near town. I think that’s an aspen tree – but I’m not sure what it did to annoy the bear so much.

Sandhill Cranes

Alongside the cows, there is a breeding pair of sandhill cranes living next door. They have an incredibly loud call – although they’re generally quiet, you can hear it some mornings. I thought they would fly south for the winter, but apparently not, they’re out there foraging for food today. I was going to feel …


In French, “potato” literally translates into “ground apples”… what was that about French cooking? Not as exciting as french fries from Lafleur, but this guy was pretty possessive of his find.

Baby cows

I guess it’s baby-cow season already. Cute little guys, about the size of a large dog. Not scared of cars at all; I didn’t get out and walk over, though, because they probably already weigh more than I do.


I came home from a meeting today, and the cats weren’t at the door waiting; odd. Mei ran out, said hi, then ran to the back door…. and this guy was hiding out in the corner of the patio. Not sure what he is…. but he definately has pigeon toes. So the cats were *also* …