Day 64

Installation of the HVAC system: all the ductwork (both supply and return) is in the ceiling.

If you’re in a technical field, you get used to talking with people, and within 5 minutes you know if they’re competent or not. Had a chat with the main guy installing the heating/cooling, and got that feeling that he knows what he’s doing. All the lines are heavily insulated…. picture running a cold air line through a hot attic in summer.


On the exterior, there are some finish-trim items that get done first: like the trim around the roof line, the soffits, and the posts/beams on the two porches. Front entrance:


(The green PVC is for the sewer lines, in case of blockage; one is to clean out on the house side, the other to clean out the street side. Both get cut down to grade level and hid behind shrubbery, eventually).