Thar be bears in those woods….. Taken by a friend up in the mountains near town. I think that’s an aspen tree – but I’m not sure what it did to annoy the bear so much.

Office Cat

When running an efficient office, make sure you always have at least one cat in stock, ready to go.

Stockholm part 2

By luck and interesting corporate policies, we were “forced” to have a hotel in Gamla Stan, the oldest part of Stockholm. Wonderfully clean, incredibly well preserved, very very touristy. A few doors down from the hotel was Kungliga Slottet, the King’s Palace – precisely like Buckingham Palace, complete with a changing-of-the-guard ceremony. I didn’t figure …


Your first hint that things will get interesting: your boss asks “do you have a passport”? Being the honest soul that I am, I said yes. Next thing I knew I was off on a whirlwind trip to Sweden. When your plane takes off mid-morning Saturday, and you land at your destination late on Sunday….. …