Boxing Cats

I managed to get close up to video the cats while they were play-fighting.  This one is normal speed; they alternate between rapid punches and very slow maneuvering:


We went to the Christmas “ZooLights” thing at the Phoenix Zoo. Compared to Boston, this one had many many more lights, but fewer animals. They also had several amazing Lego sculptures – there’s a Legoland in Phoenix, so a kind of an advertising tie-in. Each scuplture had 50,000 or so bricks and took well over a month to build.


And, completely unrelated…. this is Turtle Rock, a car-sized rock beside one of our bike trails, that just happens to look like a turtle.


Self-Feeding Cats

Found in a corner…. wait, what is that?


Stolen bag of treats, with hole in the bottom, virtually empty. And nearby, one proud kitty:


Later found sleeping off the feast. Not sure if she shared her bounty.



Meimei and the fly

The top glass wall of our shower has been Cadbury’s domain…. until this week. Walked in one day, and the wrong cat was up there; and now that she knows that she can do it, she’s up there several times a day. Special incentive when there’s a lazy fall fly sitting on the ceiling:


Signs of fall: all the trees turn colour.


Ok, sure, the one tree. The scrub and cactus stay green. But, the cows are back – they spend their summers up in the mountains, and come back down when the weather turns cold.