It’s the end of May already – how did that happen? We’ve been busy unpacking boxes, and buying stuff. How the pioneers lived without, I have no idea.

The furniture from our old front hall and Curt’s room works in the living room for now – but that’s a *big* room.


The dining room set fits nicely, though:


Some of the gifts we’ve received over the years go perfectly with the wood-and-metal theme:


New bed…. no headboard/frame yet, but way more comfortable than our old one:


The dressers we originally bought in Fremont….. if we’d have known in advance, maybe we wouldn’t have bought such incredibly heavy ones.


This is the cabinet I had built for the bathroom, to fit a litter box. Now we just need a cat… or two….


(Yes, the bathroom still needs the glass around the shower; there are several loose ends to be finished up).