Day 130

Work going on all over…..


Hot water tank and furnace (both gas fired) in place. A bit of a tight fit – but then I didn’t have to get them in there myself. This is an unused cubby in the garage, so very easily accessible, but not in the way and not taking up any usable space at all.


This is the back end of the garage, aka “the bike room”. There’s a full two-car side-by-side garage; this area is large enough for a third car, but I had put in windows and french doors, as a work area. It’s bright enough in there to work right now, during the day, even with no lights installed.


Starting to tile the master bath; tub is installed, shower is behind that. (No tiles yet; that’s the concrete backer board they put up first). There will eventually be a clear glass wall at the end of the tub, separating tub from shower area, and a glass door to the shower.


Concrete on back of house too. (The red around the windows is just tape; they tape plastic over the windows while doing the concrete, to keep things clean). Chimney is for the fireplace in the living room.