Day 100

Some sort of milestone, I guess. Estimate is 6 more weeks until we can move in. (Not everything will be finished by then, but there will be enough done to make it a legal dwelling).


Outside, they’re starting the stucco process. There’s a black waterproof membrane; then some metal mesh stapled to the wall. Next is a scratch coat of concrete, which needs to dry for a week or so. Final coat goes over that – here on the front of the house, there will be rock facing on the bottom 3 feet, up to where the metal divider is; then stucco finish above that.


Got insulation? I think that’s more than enough, double if not triple that on our last house. You can see more of the metal mesh here.


Inside, the whole house is primed and painted already. It is SO much easier to paint at this point.

That’s not a TV set – that’s the fireplace. It will eventually be part of a small wall extending floor to ceiling – you can see the base already started. Then the wall gets cladded with rock facing – so it’s not a real rock fireplace, but will look like it. The fireplace itself is gas – much less messy, and hey it’s the desert – there are no trees around to burn anyway. (The TV set will eventually go on the wall to the right of the fireplace, where the two outlet boxes are – one for power, the other for cable).