Celine Dion

Turns out, there’s nothing at all wrong with Celine Dion songs; it’s just a matter of who performs them.

This is the creation of Scott Bradlee, who has a loosely-knit collection of musicians called Postmodern Jukebox, who take music from one genre, and perform it in a completely different one. (Others have started doing this as well, like Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show). I have no idea how they get legal permission for this; what artist wants their own songs done so much better by someone else?

They’re also loosely connected with a tap-dance renaissance that’s going on in the Los Angeles area. This one was from last Christmas (duh), the original was a horrid new-wave song from a British group named Wham! in the ’80s. The clarinet player and the sad girl in the corner play a key part. (Scott Bradlee himself is on piano).