It’s the kittens’ half-birthday – six months old today! They got new toy mice, a nice new cardboard box to play in, and cake! Well, okay, not cake, they got yogurt instead. (There’s this brand of yogurt from Colorado that they *adore*, to the point where if you want one yourself you need to lock yourself in a different room).


They’re both still full of energy, and growing like weeds – they’re both over 7 pounds now. Cadbury consistently weighs about 6 ounces more than his sister, although it doesn’t seem to help him win any battles.

I figured when we got our fridge – which has the freezer on the bottom – that it would help to keep cats out. Right. Meimei can be asleep in the bedroom, but if the fridge door opens, she’s inside instantly.


Cadbury does get inside as well… but usually he’s more than happy to just watch his sister get into trouble. Or just nap.