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Oct 142016

OK, not the state – there’s a local trail called “Alaska”, a nice ridge line between Salt Valley and Highway 191. My new helmet video camera yields a ton of supremely boring footage, but this is scenic, and shows what some of the trails around here are like.

Yeah, there’s a big drop off on both sides, but you get used to that kind of exposure here. And, ignore the heavy breathing…. this is at about 5,000 foot elevation.

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May 212016

Food trucks have become a huge thing over the last 10 years. It started in places like Los Angeles, where there are real known chefs who abandoned their regular restaurant for a truck, and where you can get some really cutting-edge food – Korean/Mexican fusion, anyone? And yes, we have a food truck here in town:


It’s a truck – but it mainly stays in one location on Main Street, and only moves occasionally. On the theory of “do one thing and do it well”, they only serve quesadillas – but on most of the restaurant review sites, they are rated the #1 place to eat in town.


And sometimes at the end of the day I get a quesadilla brought home….. yum.

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Movie Set

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May 182016

This is an old movie prop, currently located at a gas station just north of town. It was moved there from the original location, about 20 miles away in Canyonlands National Park.


The movie was “Riders of the Purple Sage”, an old Zane Grey western that has been made into a movie not once, not twice, but five times. This set was from the most recent 1996 version, which was filmed in and around Moab. I’ve never seen it, but the plot is centered around a persecuted, isolated religious group in Utah…. gee, I wonder who they’re talking about?


The building was the church in the film, and they have a few other props scattered about. I have no idea why the set was moved here, or whether they plan on doing anything with it; but for now it makes an interesting detour on a bike ride.

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Apr 202016

It’s spring for certain here now; the cactus have started to bloom.


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Mar 262016

We had a nice Easter dinner on Friday night, and had a bunch of friends over; and so we decorated the tables appropriately:


Easter in Moab means Jeep week. Normally, it’s insanely crowded; this is their 50th anniversary, so it is even more rediculous than usual. So: people drive thousands of miles to get out of their towns, and get out into the wilderness; but then they get stuck in traffic on the trails.


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