Moab Tourist Videos

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Jun 182017

Someone is producing a new film to promote tourism in Moab…. not sure we *need* any more tourists, but the promo videos they’ve released give a good overview of the area.

There’s actually a bit of controversy over promoting tourism right now; a certain percentage of the hotel room tax that is collected *has* to go towards promoting tourism, by law – so when you already have too many tourists, you’re not allowed to use that money on anything else. Strange.

p.s. the biplane does tourist flights; it’s about $220 for a 30 minute trip. It’s a new aircraft, built just for tourist flights, from a company named Waco in Michigan.

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Spring Flowers

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May 022017

Spring comes *fast* in the desert. One day everything is dusted with snow; the next there are flowers. This one popped up in our front yard:

No idea what it is. Previously it was just the spiky green leaves at the bottom.

Right beside it is what I think is a prickly pear cactus; you can see the old plant in dull green, new-this-year parts in bright green, and potential flowers starting around the edges. Apparently people eat these…..

And this is (from what I’ve been told) Indian Paintbrush. It’s all over the desert right now. Not sure why, but red flowers always come out first; yellow and purple ones come later.

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Shrimp Rock

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Feb 052017

Unlike Turtle Rock, this thing looks nothing at all like a shrimp:

You have to wonder about the early explorers…. I guess being 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean, they may never have seen a shrimp.

Standing in the same exact spot, looking the other way, you do get a pretty view of the Colorado River:

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Snow Day

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Jan 082017

No ride today…. pretty scenery, though. View over the back fence:

The cows don’t look like they’re having much fun. Meimei is, though – trying to figure out what this white stuff is in the air.

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Oct 272016

Signs of fall: all the trees turn colour.


Ok, sure, the one tree. The scrub and cactus stay green. But, the cows are back – they spend their summers up in the mountains, and come back down when the weather turns cold.

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