Boxing Cats

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Dec 042016

I managed to get close up to video the cats while they were play-fighting.  This one is normal speed; they alternate between rapid punches and very slow maneuvering:

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Self-Feeding Cats

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Nov 192016

Found in a corner…. wait, what is that?


Stolen bag of treats, with hole in the bottom, virtually empty. And nearby, one proud kitty:


Later found sleeping off the feast. Not sure if she shared her bounty.



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Meimei and the fly

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Nov 122016

The top glass wall of our shower has been Cadbury’s domain…. until this week. Walked in one day, and the wrong cat was up there; and now that she knows that she can do it, she’s up there several times a day. Special incentive when there’s a lazy fall fly sitting on the ceiling:

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Oct 122016

What is it about bread (and beer) that cats love?


Cadbury’s not big on it, but Mei Mei will pester you whenever bread is around, and actually eat a small piece if you give one to her.


(p.s. the bag is half plastic, half paper, so perfectly safe)

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Dads Home

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Oct 012016

When you get back from a trip, cats either ignore you for a day, or crave extra attention….. no question about our two. Extra play time and belly rubs were the order of the day.


“Did you bring me anything? Treats? Toys?”


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