New bike time

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Mar 312017

OK, so been working on building this since last year…. I’m not going to win “fastest mechanic of the year award”, but it was fun to build.

The picture barely does the paint justice; it’s officially “Neon Yellow” and, well, good thing I ride while wearing sun glasses. GT’s old race colours were blue and yellow, so I got all the bits I could in blue to match. (Blue bits are all made in England too).

And *right* on cue the old bike destroyed a wheel bearing. Guess it’s jealous.

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Demo Bike 2

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Nov 112014

Sunny and nice on the weekend – time for another demo bike!


About 1/3 the price of the last one…. and *so* much better. Handled like a bike instead of a truck. Hey Santa?

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Demo Bike

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Nov 042014

Since it was my birthday (39, thanks for asking) and I have no working bikes at the moment… why not rent one?


Light rain and muddy… good day to rent a bike, you don’t need to wash it afterwards! Funny how photography works, though – bike in the pic is *filthy*, but looks just fine.

(Nice bike, not convinced about the handling though, and pretty sure I don’t want to spend $8K+ for it).

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