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Jun 072015

How much has it been raining in Utah recently?


It’s wet enough that this frog was taking shelter on our back patio…. too wet outside for him.

Average rain in May: less than 3/4 inch. This May: one and a quarter inches. Doesn’t sound like a big difference, but if  you’re a one-inch tall frog, that’s significant.

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Nov 302014

Thanksgiving week, so not much house progress. Went for a drive up in the mountains – still some snow, but most of it has melted (65 degrees in town, over 40 at 8,000 feet).


Lots of deer, probably avoiding hunters (this was in a National Forest, so hunting is tightly controlled).

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Nov 112014

Why did the deer cross the road?



Yep, other side. This was about 2 blocks from new house, family out for a Sunday stroll.

In Utah – and in the West in general – most places are “open range”, meaning cows can (and will) graze just about anywhere; there are no fences. This was on the bike trails just a few miles north of town:


Bessie says “Eat more chicken! Or rabbit!”


Rabbit’s response isn’t repeatable here.

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Mountain Goat

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Oct 162014

This guy was checking out the car the other day:


So clearly mountain goats don’t view Jaguars as predators.


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Sep 082014


This was one of our most gracious hosts for a few weeks.

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