Cat What?

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Apr 082017

There’s this car parked up near some storage units beside the airport; finally stopped by to figure out what was going on:

Now I’m not a fan of Lincoln Town Cars, but I wouldn’t go so far as to paint that on the side….

Turns out there is a lens cleaner brand named “Cat Crap”. No, I am sadly not kidding; you can even buy it on Amazon. (And no, I did not check out the list of ingredients). So apparently this was (literally) a marketing vehicle for the products.

Now if that’s a marketable commodity, I can get you some wholesale.

And if you thought that was scary, it gets worse:

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New bike time

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Mar 312017

OK, so been working on building this since last year…. I’m not going to win “fastest mechanic of the year award”, but it was fun to build.

The picture barely does the paint justice; it’s officially “Neon Yellow” and, well, good thing I ride while wearing sun glasses. GT’s old race colours were blue and yellow, so I got all the bits I could in blue to match. (Blue bits are all made in England too).

And *right* on cue the old bike destroyed a wheel bearing. Guess it’s jealous.

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Mar 302017

No, not the oh-so-nice cars, the wild animals…. there was a sighting recently of a wild jaguar in the United States:

Photograph courtesy Conservation CATalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity

This was south of Tucson, Arizona – 60 miles north of the border. The theory is that he came up from Mexico (where there are wild jaguars). Hope he does well.

Interesting that jaguars have a LOT of spots compared to some other cats I know; but they are larger (about 5 feet long plus a 2 foot tail).

Not sure what the President thinks about an illegal Mexican immigrant who is roaming around, and stalking the locals….

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Cat Ping Pong

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Mar 102017

Meimei has astounding paw-eye coordination, and can bounce a ball, or swat it in mid-air:

So…. are cats left-pawed or right-pawed? I’ve seen her do this with both. She’s better at basketball than I am.

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Shrimp Rock

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Feb 052017

Unlike Turtle Rock, this thing looks nothing at all like a shrimp:

You have to wonder about the early explorers…. I guess being 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean, they may never have seen a shrimp.

Standing in the same exact spot, looking the other way, you do get a pretty view of the Colorado River:

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