Cat Ping Pong

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Mar 102017

Meimei has astounding paw-eye coordination, and can bounce a ball, or swat it in mid-air:

So…. are cats left-pawed or right-pawed? I’ve seen her do this with both. She’s better at basketball than I am.

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Shrimp Rock

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Feb 052017

Unlike Turtle Rock, this thing looks nothing at all like a shrimp:

You have to wonder about the early explorers…. I guess being 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean, they may never have seen a shrimp.

Standing in the same exact spot, looking the other way, you do get a pretty view of the Colorado River:

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Meimei and litter

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Feb 042017

Whenever we refill the litter box, Meimei wants to skip the box completely and go right to the source:

I suppose that’s relatively harmless; but we do have to be very careful whenever we open the box of rice, or she’ll jump right into that too.

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Sandhill Cranes

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Jan 152017

Alongside the cows, there is a breeding pair of sandhill cranes living next door. They have an incredibly loud call – although they’re generally quiet, you can hear it some mornings.

I thought they would fly south for the winter, but apparently not, they’re out there foraging for food today. I was going to feel bad for them, given the cold winter we’ve been having – but then I looked it up and they also live in Siberia.

Pretty birds, though. Not sure what our cats would do if they saw one.

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Snow Day

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Jan 082017

No ride today…. pretty scenery, though. View over the back fence:

The cows don’t look like they’re having much fun. Meimei is, though – trying to figure out what this white stuff is in the air.

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