Tourist Drivers

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Jun 252018

Local EMS got to deal with this one today…. too much watching the scenery, not enough watching the road.

They got a quick drive back to town in a bright yellow truck with flashing red lights (but no windows).

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New Car

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May 072018

OK, just found my next new car…. Rolls Royce is out here testing a future SUV.

One of my current favorite cars is the small 2-door Rolls (a bargain at only $350,000). No idea on how much this one will cost.

(p.s. ignore the paint, they do that to confuse photographers, so you can’t tell *exactly* what it is going to look like).

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Jeep Week

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Mar 262018

It’s jeep week. Thousands of jeep owners come to town to drive off-road. They’re not all good at it.

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Cats in Trees

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Feb 112018

Or, up telephone poles…. the Fire Chief here actually really had to rescue a cat on Friday (Although I bet the cat tells a different story).

Strange coincidence – I was talking with the Chief a few hours before this.

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New House

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Sep 042017

They’re starting work on a new house, directly across the street. This is the view out my office window:

Cadbury isn’t interested.

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